Youthspark Pan African Development Foundation is an SDG-focused non-profit organization with the aim of building and empowering a community of young leaders and change-makers across Africa through youth leadership engagements, social impact projects, innovative education, and digital skills development programs.

Since 2017, Youthspark Pan Africa has consistently created platforms that have gathered and empowered over 150 change-makers, young leaders, entrepreneurs and career professionals from 25 countries with tools and resources to gain more clarity and expand their local initiatives.

Over these years, we have had to face the challenge of expanded participation due to difficulties faced by our members in making international payment or unhealthy charges from some financial institutions. To bridge the gap and remove the barriers faced by our global community, Youthspark will be adopting cryptocurrency as an additional payment for delegates. This will ease the payment and registration for participants all over the world ahead this year’s events in Summer 2022.

This year events will be taking place in 2 continents in July 2022 in the Middle East nation of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and the East African city of Kigali in Rwanda. Attendees from all over the world will be attending to network, learn and build impact in the various communities, Africa, and all over the world.

Cryptocurrency is a digital payment system that is stored in digital wallets. The value of cryptocurrency coins is fixed in the same value pricing across the world. This solves the issue of carrying large volumes of funds for physical transactions. This reduces the complications involved with transferring large sums or exchange rate issues between countries or continents. In summary, this will ease all payment and registration processes for all the international delegates attending the Youthspark global events this July 2022.

For more information, inquiries and details. Kindly, send an email to or send a DM to any of our social media accounts.

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