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Redesigning African Future Through Active Youth Engagements.

Youthspark Pan African Development Foundation

is an SDG-focused organization that is empowering a community of emerging leaders, budding entrepreneurs, social innovators, and change-makers across Africa through strategic leadership engagements, social impact projects, innovative education & digital skills development programs.

Our priority focus center on supporting African businesses and youth-led organizations with strategic solutions to thrive in dynamic environments, optimize operations and achieve sustainable growth and success. We also research to find sustainable solutions to promote healthcare (SDG3), improve quality education (SDG4) and expand socio-economic opportunities (SDG8)

First launched in 2014

and remodeled in 2017, Youthspark Pan Africa has implemented various initiatives and projects which have worked and supported over 2500 people (students, entrepreneurs, career professional and business owners) in over 23 countries.

Youthspark  Pan Africa prides itself on the excellent capacity to reach out and mobilize innovative young leaders across Africa. Through our various initiatives, we have engaged, empowered, and equipped youths, women, and young professionals with strategic knowledge and skillsets to identify problems and proffer solutions to ravaging socio-economic challenges in their communities.


A world of youth empowered to contribute to societal development and nation-building.







About Youthspark Conference

The Youthspark Pan-African Conference is a annual Pan-African youth capacity-building programme designed to equip African young leaders with valuable leadership skills and develop cutting-edge skills on transforming their ideas into profitable ventures. 100 visionary, innovative and development driven youths are selected from across African countries and given the opportunity of dialoguing, sharing ideas and strategies that can deliver accelerated problem solving opportunities in the Africa space


To build a network of changemakers and emerging African leaders promoting impactful leadership and youth development through capacity building, mentoring and entrepreneurship programs.

Other Programs

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As a global community, we are working with change-makers and young leaders across Africa to create more awareness about the United Nations sustainable development goals

The Entrepreneurs Element

We provide access strategic knowledge, opportunities, and growth platforms for entrepreneurs, and African thought leaders who want to lead, connect to grow their influence and increase profitability.

NExtleaders initiative

Next Leaders is an initiative of Youthspark Pan Africa designed to find, train and build a community of NextLeaders leveraging the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The initiative aims to equip young leaders, particularly secondary school students and undergraduates with essential leadership skills, empowering them to take on leadership roles within their schools.

Youthspark Online TV Series

Through this initiative, we are provide platforms and opportunities for young people across Africa to amplify their voices to debate & deliberate on issues affecting youth & other socio-economic development programs.

Our Core Values
Vision driven

We are constantly making decision and taking actions based on the future and goals we have set for ourselves


We are obsessed with doing the right thing, take responsibility and take pride in what we do.


We are open to sharing and listening to each other for improved team success


We are committed to finding better ways to provide better solutions to ravaging socio-economic problems through young people.


We recognize and celebrate the power of a group and support each other to achieve set objectives.


We are committed to exceeding expectations and being the best.