Raymond Okpani, founder of Youthspark Pan Africa shares the stage to inspire graduating students alongside President Ersin Tatar of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus

Over the weekend, Raymond Okpani, founder of Youthspark Pan Africa, had an extraordinary experience at a recent graduation dinner when he shared the stage with President Ersin Tatar of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. This exceptional opportunity arose after Raymond received a recommendation from a friend, leading to an invitation to speak at the event.

Raymond’s journey began with a message from his Kenyan friend, inquiring about his presence in Cyprus. Grateful for the recommendation, Raymond soon received an invitation to inspire the graduating students of the Cyprus International Students Association, one of the largest student associations in Cyprus.

Reflecting on his past experiences, Raymond remembered how he had spoken to thousands of graduate corps members at NYSC Camps in Nigeria, despite lacking a university education. Now, he was invited to inspire international students graduating from a prestigious university in Cyprus.

The event took an unexpected turn when Raymond was informed that President Ersin Tatar would also be in attendance and that he would share the stage with him. Overwhelmed by this honor, Raymond expressed his gratitude and excitement.

During the graduation dinner, Raymond delivered a captivating speech, leaving a lasting impact on the audience. He emphasized on the need for the students to continue standing on the precipice of a promising future and to continue carrying the spirit of global citizenship, cultural understanding and and finally never stop making the world a better place in the pursuit of their dreams.

Raymond’s inspiring journey continues, as he remains dedicated to motivating individuals, career professionals and business executives from all walks of life. The memory of sharing the stage with President Ersin Tatar will serve as a driving force for his future endeavors.

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