How A 5-Day Business and Leadership Closed-Door Event Can Open
The Right Doors For You And Skyrocket You To Your Next Level..”

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Youthspark Pan Africa Conference, Kigali

Dear Visionary, As you’ve probably come to realize… Hard work is important but it’s not always enough.
Beyond the hard work You need to be in the company of forward-thinking individuals, whose spark can ignite your dreams and aspirations. 

With the right connection and access to other emerging leaders and thriving entrepreneurs, you get to position yourself strategically for exponential growth. One of the reasons you’re probably still struggling and are not attaining your desired results quickly is because you are not in the midst of like minds who can share their knowledge and experiences that can accelerate your Business/Visions/Goals to the next level.

Guess What!

Some people who are not as good and intelligent as you, are accessing these opportunities and using it for their own gratification.

No! It’s not because they are smarter than you…

Thy have been able to crack a code- Being in the right place at the right time with the right set of people and asking the right questions. No one will tell you this, but trust me, if you can crack this code, your journey becomes easier.

You have to join this camp of the smart, intelligent, forward-thinking individuals.

You have to crack this code...

You have to break in and break free. 

Emancipate yourself from mediocrity and bid farewell to mental slavery. 

You can no longer afford to play small. 

You are an Eagle my dear friend, you belong in the sky, where you are free to soar and your dreams can gain limitless expression.

Have you not heard? 

That the air at the top is fresher? 

Why choke yourself in the midst of pigeons/chickens? 

You are an EAGLE! Fly! Soar! Dominate.



A  5-day Intensive result-driven program designed for

– Connecting people

– Increasing knowledge

– Building your skills  to be strategically positioned in the new economy.

Happening Live in Kigali, Rwanda.

Also covering topics on

– Global Leadership,

–  Strategic Communication,

– Business Networking,

– Social Re-engineering,

– Business Leadership,

– Growth Strategies,

–  Global Opportunities for entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

Let’s talk about what else you stand to gain from a closed-door event like this.


From the 26th – 31st of July 2022, you will have the opportunity to sit in the same room with the most  successful businessmen and visionaries across Africa right now



 If  you are attending as a business owner,


– You get to brainstorm ideas and ask questions on how to grow your business on a global scale.


– You will get innovative and strategic business  growth hack secrets that will bring better results for your business.


…. If you are attending as a leader and visionary

You will learn:

Design Thinking

Team Building

Project design and Pitching

Effective Leadership

Best part?

Some of the seasoned consultants and, coaches,  across Africa that you’ve probably been thinking about meeting in person will be in this room.

And when you show up at this event…live,

You get to talk to them directly without having to send them unsolicited Cold DMs or Emails

(which they’ll likely never open)


You’ll be able to see them, relate and connect with them both on business and personal level.

You will also have an opportunity to interact with the Minister of Youth & Culture, Rwanda.

– You’ll get an opportunity to tour the beautiful city of Rwanda

The good thing about this event is…

It’s not just about what you will learn….

It’s also about networking.

As you can see,

This isn’t one of those typical N5K, N10K, N40K, or even N50K events.

And we put in a lot of work into getting all of these speakers to AGREE to be scheduled for this event.

Therefore, only 50 people will attend this event.

And all 50 people will be added to a private support group on WhatsApp.

Every single one of them will go home with Hoodies and certification of attendance.

If everything I’ve said so far interests you one way or another…and you are already considering attending this event in person…


The question you probably have on your mind is;

“How Much Does A Ticket To This Closed-Door Event Cost?”


To get into a business mentorship program will cost you between $5,000-$7,000!


As for the various seasoned coaches championing various sectors all around Africa that will be present,

They hardly have time.

And on rare occasions that they take on consulting clients or speaking engagements…

They charge 4 to 5 figures in dollars for their time.

But during this event…

You’ll get access to them for 5 days.

So, even if we charged N1,000,000 per person…

It’ll still be a very good investment (for someone who sees the value)…

But we’re not setting the price at N700,000 or anything close

We’re setting the price at 558,000 per person.


This gives you access to the entire event.


Which includes:

– Return flight tickets to Rwanda

– 5 nights’ hotel accommodation (Sharing)

– Return Airport transfers

 – Program Registration and resource materials

– All meals and tea breaks.

– Youthspark Hoodie/Tshirt

– Kigali city tour

– Cocktail Dinner

– Certification


Pay for the event, attend it in person and make the most of it.

Because showing up at a closed-door event like this one is the best way I know to make life-changing networks.

 Events Like These Can Open The Right Doors For You..

So, if you are interested in making it to this event in person….. that’s great.

You can look back 6 months even 3 months after the event and realize that;

Some of the things you’ve always wanted are already happening for you because of a few connections and partnerships you formed when you attended this event.

Down below are two links you can pay with.

(Cryptocurrency payment options are also available)

So, if you want to attend this closed-door event…

Make sure you register now because…

Yes, you’re also allowed to make payments in installments.

Registration ends by 12:00am on the 30th of May 2022

 This way, we get to know the exact number of people that can make it to the event physically…and make adequate provisions for them.

See you in Kigali, Rwanda   on the 26th of July 2022


Your Friend

Raymond Okpani.

 (Founder – Youthspark Pan Africa)


A world of youth empowered to contribute to societal development and nation-building.

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