Youthspark Summer Leadership Bootcamp

Register to attend the Youthspark Summer Leadership Program holding in Abuja-Nigeria.

This is a 3-day intensive program exclusively designed for emerging leaders and entrepreneurs who are looking to igniting and increasing their capacity for disruptive thinking, purposeful leadership and industry domination.

It will be focusing on Personal Growth Models, Business Domination Models and Community Development Strategies. A critical part of the bootcamp will involve design Design thinking in the new economy and future of work for young Africans.

The summer program will be unveiling the global blueprints to building profitable personal & organisation brands, attracting and sustaining opportunities, launching & run successful NGOs or Startup Brands.

Target Audience: Young professionals, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, Social Innovators, Founders of NGO and nonprofits.


Guess what?

Some people who are not as good and intelligent as you, are accessing these opportunities and using it for their own gratification.

No! It’s not because they are smarter than you…

They have been able to crack a code- Being in the right place at the right time with the right set of people and asking the right questions. No one will tell you this, but trust me, if you can crack this code, your journey becomes easier.

Program Highlights

From the 24th - 27th August 2022, you will have the opportunity to sit in the same room with the most impactful visionaries, thought leaders, mentors, industry captains, and business leaders across various sectors of development.

Why you shouldn't miss this

Think of who you will become after this program, or your business. I'm sure you don't want to miss out on this opportunities.


Seasoned speakers & coaches across Africa will be present, And on rare occasions that they take on consulting clients or speaking engagements… They charge 4 to 5 figures in dollars for their time. Imagine having access to them for the next 3 days.


The question you should be asking yourself now is; Can I get the attention of the speaker normally? You see, this is an opportunity to learn all you can about growth, finance and business, it will be a good investment if you see value in it.


There's nothing so sweet as being in the same room with like minds. Yes you're not alone. This is another platform to connect with future business partners, co-founders, CEOs and Experts. You can't sleep on this.


Pay for the event, attend it in person and make the most of it. Because showing up at a closed-door event like this one is the best way I know to make life-changing networks. Events Like These Can Open The Right Doors For You.

Registrations Covers..

How Much Does A Ticket To This Closed-Door Event Cost? To get into a business mentorship program will cost you between $5,000-$7,000! But we’re not setting the price at N150,000 or anything close. We’re setting the price at N100,000 per person this will give you access to the entire event.

  • 3 nights’ hotel accommodation
  • Program Registration and resource materials
  • All meals and tea breaks.
  • Youthpark Hoodie/Tshirt
  • Cocktail Dinner
  • Certification

We made history & Impact

“The Youthspark Pan African visit to Rwanda is second to none. The organization has delivered a long-lasting memory in the minds of her delegates through her excellence and dedication to see things through to completion. It is a job welldone at Youthspark!!..”
OLUWOLE FAPOHUNDA​ Co-founder, Land Republic (Nigeria)​
“Attending the maiden edition of Youthspark Pan-African Conference 2018 in Ghana was one of the most memorable, enlightening and interesting moment I have had. The sessions were not only interactive but also motivational, inspiring and impactful. All the speakers gave interesting presentations; spoke on important issues that were necessary and needed by every emerging leader. ”
HARRISON, TSETSE ANNA, ​ Nigeria (Youthspark 2018 Ghana)
“There is something the Youthspark team knows that we should all know about thought leadership in the global space. I am pushing the founder, Raymond Okpani to create a digital product out of this knowledge because there are levels to this thought leadership. All through my stay at Youthspark Conference 2021 in Kigali, the team delivered so much value and I can’t wait to be back at the next edition.”
MILTON TUTU​ Growth Manager, (Nigeria)​

Take a chance and register now.

You can look back 6 months even 3 months after the event and realise that; Some of the things you’ve always wanted are already happening for you because of a few connections and partnerships you formed when you attended this event.

Congratulations you are a step ahead.