Accelerating Change Through  Leadership, Technology, & Access To Opportunities
25th-30th July 2023|Kigali | Rwanda

Hello Africa,

Are you ready to be part of a global community of visionary leaders connecting, learning and networking with other like-minded individuals shaping the future of Africa?

Register for the forth-coming Youthspark Pan African Conference holding in Kigali, Rwanda

This is a 5-day intensive result-driven program designed to connect emerging leaders and budding entrepreneurs, increase knowledge, and build the skills of participants to be strategically positioned in the new economy.

The program aims at igniting and increasing the capacity of emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, thought leaders, and business owners for disruptive thinking, purposeful leadership, and sustainable e-market solutions in Africa.

The conference will facilitate socio-economic frameworks to engage and connect and provide access to strategic opportunities for entrepreneurs, social innovators, leaders of organizations, and young professionals, which will deliver accelerated problem-solving and employment opportunities in Africa space.

Program Highlights

  • Networking opportunities
  • Mentorship sessions
  • Cultural activities
  • Interactive workshops
  • Fun activities
  • Inspirational keynote speakers
  • Global Opportunities To Scale
  • Business & personal networking
  • Business & Personal Growth
  • Access to top leaders in Rwanda
  • Opportunity to expand business operations to Rwanda (For Business Owners)

Who Is Attending

  • Thought Leaders
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startup Founders
  • Young Professionals
  • Career Professionals
  • Leaders Of Organizations
  • Young Diplomats
  • Public Office Holders

Conference Registration

Application procedure: Interested applicants MUST secure a ticket with a non-refundable application fee of N25,000 or $35 Upon successful application, they will receive an official invitation letter and become eligible for our 3 installment payment options.

Conference Fee

Standard Registration – 600 USD (Sharing Accommodation) Premium Registrations – 750 USD (Single Accommodation) Note: Participants can take advantage of the installment payment plan options to enable to them fully prepare and participate in the conference. Cryptocurrency (Bitcoins & USDT) Payment Options Are Available

Conference Fee Covers


Participants can choose from any of the accommodation options available Standard Registration (Sharing Accommodation) and Premium Registrations (Single Accommodation) based on their needs.


All participants will be fed for 5 days breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At workshops, you are also entitled to have tea-breaks.

Learning visit

Participants will be taken on learning visits to different places in Kigali. You do not need to pay for any visit made, it is all inclusive in the conference fee.

Conference Materials

As a participant, you get resources, a t-shirt, and other materials courtesy of Youthspark Pan Africa.

Kigali City Tour

Participants have the opportunity to explore Kigali city’s rich culture, history, and landmarks. Participants will also have a chance to experience the vibrant nightlife, delicious cuisine, and friendly locals that make Kigali a unique and unforgettable destination.


Participants are issued with notarized certificates of participation from Youthspark Pan Africa which further validate their knowledge and experiences gained from the program.

Why you shouldn't miss this

Think of who you will become after this program, or your business. I'm sure you don't want to miss out on this opportunities.


Seasoned speakers and coaches from across Africa will be present, and on rare instances, they will accept consultancy clients or speaking engagements... They charge between four and five figures for their time. Consider having access to them for the next 5 days.

Global Opportunity To Scale

The question you should be asking yourself now is; Can I get the attention of the speaker normally? You see, this is an opportunity to learn all you can about growth, finance and business, it will be a good investment if you see value in it.

Community Building And Networking

There's nothing so sweet as being in the same room with like minds. Yes you're not alone. This is another platform to connect with future business partners, co-founders, CEOs and Experts. You can't sleep on this.

Business And personal growth

Pay for the event, attend it in person and make the most of it. Because showing up at a closed-door event like this one is the best way I know to make life-changing networks. Events Like These Can Open The Right Doors For You.

What Past Participants have To Say

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No it’s not. To purchase your ticket fee you have to pay $600 (the standard registration cost) $750 (Premium registration cost) 

No it doesn’t but it covers every other thing inclusive of  your accommodation, feeding, Kigali city tour, conference resource material, T-shirt, learning visit and certification.

Yes, there is a three time installment payment plan available after you pay your initial application fee of $35 (N25,000).

$600 (N450,000)

$750 (N562,500)

Yes! Our logistic team are available to help you facilitate your flight booking.

No, Rwanda is a visa free country.

Apply To Attend

After paying the application fee you’ll be redirected to fill the delegate form. After which, you will receive an official invitation letter and welcomed to join the delegate group. Please note that this  makes you eligible for our 3 payment plan option. The application fee is $35 or N25,000