Africa’s greatest resource and potentially its sharpest competitive advantage in the global economy is its young and growing workforce. With 70% of Africa’s population under the age of 30, we as a continent are presented with a great opportunity and, possibly, a great challenge. Young Africans today are taking actions that not only have an immediate impact, but will also determine the future of the continent for decades to come.

Technology offers young people an enormous range of benefits that were not available to previous generations. With its ability to connect people all around the world and particularly down to small communities, young people are able to access information from around the world to come up with amazing solutions across the various sectors of the African economy.


In August, 2018, Youthspark Pan Africa organized and hosted 32 thought leaders and entrepreneurs from 10 countries. As part of effort to strengthen their ideas, initiatives and local businesses, they were taken through intensive sessions on how best to deploy the craft of technology and innovation in the new global economy.

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