Youthspark Pan Africa


Founder Youthspark Pan Africa

Youthspark Pan Africa, a nonprofit youth organization that is building a global community of emerging leaders & change-makers, as well as, providing platforms that leverage on the SDGs to connect, empower and support young startups & entrepreneurs with skills and innovativE strategies that enable them to identify, deploy and sustain solutions to emerging socio-
economic problems across various communities in Africa will in July, gather changemakers from over 12 countries for the 4th edition of her conference, in Kigali, Rwanda.

In an interview with the founder, Mr. Raymond Okpani, he shared how this global platform started with just a simple idea from his one-room apartment in Abakiliki, Ebonyi State in southeast Nigeria. Catching the vision and running with it, in the space of 5 years, Raymond has passionately grown this organization to become a force to reckon with as a springboard for global market penetration for business owners, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders in Africa and beyond.

Noteworthy to also mention how the organization has been recognized by the Rwandan government, Zimbabwean government, and the Nigerian government for their contribution to Capacity Development, Networking, and Active Youth Engagement across Africa.


Raymond Okpani, through his activities at Youthspark Pan Africa, has organized different events, including leadership boot camps in Kenya, Ghana, and multiple times in Rwanda

And also led his team to create leadership programs for secondary school functionaries, to equip them with basic skills sets that will influence them positively on their leadership journey and expose them to opportunities, even at an early stage.


From July 6th – 10th 2021, the 4th edition of the Youthspark Pan Africa conference will hold in Kigali, Rwanda. This conference will be featuring Learning Visit to the Ministry of Youth & Culture, Ministry of ICT & Innovation, a tour to the Kigali Innovation Hub, the Genocide Memorial Centre, Arts Rwanda, to mention a few.